Stop Child Predators


The National Law Center for Children and Families® is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 and located in the National Capitol Region. The National Law Center for Children and Families® programs include defending legislation protecting children and families against sexually exploitation, sexually exploitative material. Additionally, the NLC acts as a clearinghouse for legal information on the issue and provides training conferences and online library resources. The Law Center's website can be found at

The California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 and has worked for the past 30 years to protect public safety officers and get tough on criminals by protecting and empowering citizens, defending the rights and benefits of peace officers, and connecting peace officers and communities. Today, COPS represents the interests of over 100,000 peace officers and their families and over 1,000,000 citizen members in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. COPS also works in Sacramento, California and Washington, DC to support peace officers and their families. Their website can be found at

College Loan Corporation

College Loan Corporation manages more than $10 billion in student loan assets and has helped more than 800,000 students and their families pay for college. Their commitment to improving the education lending experience of students, families and schools has made College Loan Corporation one of the fastest growing Stafford/PLUS lenders in the nation. Their website can be viewed at

McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System® is licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council, whose mission is to educate and protect children from the dangers of child abduction. With the help of sponsorships, McGruff Safe Kids TID is able to travel to communities nationwide and offer parents the opportunity to have their children processed through digital fingerprint and photograph technology. Each Child Safety Kit comes complete with a self-collection DNA Kit. To further protect a child's identity and security, no database is retained. Parents are instantly handed the only copy of their child's personal information. Law enforcement officials agree that having immediate access to a child's current photograph and fingerprints is the single most useful tool available to help them locate a missing child. For more information on this program please visit

Omnilink Systems

Incorporating GPS, Wireless, RFID, and situation-specific sensors, Omnilink is dedicated to providing the world's most reliable and cutting-edge technologies. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Omnilink's Vital Status Services technologies are being utilized in an ever-expanding variety of industries including criminal justice (offender monitoring), financial services ( valuable asset tracking), real estate (security system automation), construction (heavy asset productivity), healthcare (Dementia patient safety), and personal monitoring (abduction prevention). For more information, visit