Mother's Day - May 2010

Stop Child Predators
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Mark Lunsford

Joanna Acocella
Vice President of Federal Relations at Apollo Group, Inc.

Meryl Chertoff
Legislative relations professional, attorney and community volunteer

Viet Dinh
Georgetown University Professor of Law and former Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy at U.S. Department of Justice

Brian Jones
Senior Counsel at Dow Lohnes

Roderick R. Paige, Ed.D.
Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Executive Team

Cary Katz

Stacie Rumenap

John Falb
Treasurer & Member of the Board

Amy Thienel
Communications Director


With Mother's Day right around the corner I wanted to recognize my Mother and all of the other wonderful Mothers and caregivers who nurture, protect and care for our children every day.

Childhood is a very special time and all children deserve to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Today's children are exposed to more experiences, more people, and more information than they were when I was growing up. I remember riding my favorite yellow bike equipped with a banana seat and flowered basket down the block to piano lessons. By myself. My elementary school was in my own neighborhood so I walked home from school every day. By myself. When my mother volunteered to serve as the Girl Scout leader of my troop, no one checked up on her background, nor did anyone question her motives. Times are different. Many things that used to be commonplace and taken for granted do not exist in today's world.

Safety has a whole new meaning today, and a whole new urgency.

Each year more than 300,000 children in the United States are sexually abused, and it is estimated that one in five girls and one in ten boys will be sexually exploited before they reach adulthood.

Internet safety is an everyday conversation for today's Moms. Parental controls, passwords and child-safe settings are issues that parents today must master to keep their children safe. Bullies are not just on the playground anymore, they are in Cyberspace. Predators have even more tools at their disposal to track, entice and harm children.

Fortunately for today's Moms, groups like Stop Child Predators are here to help you in your efforts to keep children safe.

  • SCP educates parents and communities on emerging online child safety issues and empowers them to protect their children's privacy and safety through our Stop Internet Predators Program.
  • SCP organizes meetings and seminars, provides educational materials and instruction, produces articles, provides expert testimony and develops targeted federal and state campaigns that focus on the prevention of crimes against children through Child Safety and Awareness Programs.
  • SCP promotes legislation like Jessica's Law that includes mandatory sentencing and GPS monitoring, as well promoting as an integrated nationwide registry of sex offenders through our Legislative Outreach and Grassroots Activism Activities. To date, 43 states have passed a version of Jessica's Law.

Times are indeed different but with the right tools and information, today's children can be safe whether they are online, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, or in our homes.

So this Mother's Day, visit us online at and to learn tips and information about how to keep our children safe all year long.

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom I could ask for, and to all those other Moms whose children feel the exact same way!


Stacie Rumenap


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