Stop Child Predators Urges Wyoming Lawmakers to Support Mandatory Sentencing for Convicted Sex Offenders

H.B. 64 Referred to House Judiciary Committee, Hearing Scheduled for February 12

Washington, DC – - Stop Child Predators applauded Wyoming State Representative Lori Millin today for sponsoring H.B. 64, a bill that would create a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for first degree sexual assault of a minor when the actor is at least 18-years of age and the victim is less than 13-years of age. The House Judiciary Committee will consider the legislation this Friday.

Janie White, Cheyenne-resident and mother of two who has spearheaded efforts to protect Wyoming's children from sex offenders, congratulated Representative Millin and other legislative sponsors on introducing the bill. "Representative Millin has shown dedication to protecting our children. The legislative body needs to follow her example and join the rest of the United States in passing legislation that shows Wyoming will NOT protect pedophiles and that Wyoming has a zero tolerance for these egregious acts.we protect our livestock, land, minerals and wildlife more than we protect our children. The 25-year minimum sentence is a great starting point," White said.

Stop Child Predators testified before the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee in support of a similar bill last legislative session. SCP President Stacie Rumenap warned lawmakers that "each year, millions of children fall prey to sexual predators and the number of sex offenders is rising. Wyoming's own Governor Freudenthal sites studies showing an average sex offender molests 11 children involving 318 offenses before his or her first conviction. It is time Wyoming laws protect kids from these heinous crimes."

"We applaud Representative Millin for introducing legislation that would help keep Wyoming families safe from the abuse of a convicted sex offender," Rumenap said in response to the introduction of H.B. 64.

Other sponsors include Representatives Buchanan, Edmonds, Gingery, Hammons, Illoway, Quarberg, Shepperson and Thompson, and Sen. Sessions.

Forty-two state legislatures have enacted Jessica's Law in the last four years, including Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah.

About Stop Child Predators
Stop Child Predators is a national non-profit organization that brings together a team of policy experts, law enforcement officers, community leaders, and parents to persuade state and federal lawmakers to enact policies to combat the sexual exploitation of children, and promote and protect the rights of victims.