President's Message

This month Stop Child Predators investigates sex offender management various arenas. Read about new legislation introduced by different states to handle the growing number of convicted sex offenders. Some states' measures are more extreme than others, but what is important is that lawmakers are prioritizing children's safety.

Later we delve, in more detail, into a new sexting law introduced by New Jersey lawmakers, decriminalizing a first offense by a teenager. New Jersey is a battleground for children's safety right now, as Jessica's Law is reintroduced to the state Senate. Read on to hear about our new coalition partners in the Garden State and the exciting work we are doing there to pass Jessica's Law and make sure violent sex offenders who prey on children receive mandatory sentences. If you have not already, please SIGN OUR PETITION to urge NJ lawmakers to pass Jessica's Law.

Also - read my OpEd for GOPUSA, an online news outlet, in which I discuss the work being done by the U.S. Marshals Service and their collaboration with local law enforcement to bring sex offenders to justice. I was able to visit the Miami-Dade sex offender unit and witness the amazing work those officers are doing.

About Stop Child Predators
Stop Child Predators is a national non-profit organization that brings together a team of policy experts, law enforcement officers, community leaders, and parents to persuade state and federal lawmakers to enact policies to combat the sexual exploitation of children, and promote and protect the rights of victims.