Prologue Communications protects children with AngelGuard™

SCP's John-Michael Donahue had the opportunity to sit down recently with Stephen Price, the founder of Prologue's AngelGuard™ service, an innovative technology that represents a game-changing advance in telephone privacy and security.

As Donahue and Price discussed, technology evolves, which means the way in which predators prey on children also evolves. And with more kids and teens using cell phones these days, it's no surprise that attempts are being made to contact them at every turn.

Technology makes it easier to do and say things we might not do in person, which is why cases of cyber harassment are at an all-time high. Child predators randomly text unsuspecting teens in an attempt to groom their next victim, and bullies use cell phones to insult and harass their peers, without much fear of consequence.

Which is why, in part, Price created the new type of caller-ID function. Prologue's system is a vast improvement for privacy and security services reliant upon the decades-old Caller-ID technology for several reasons:

1) Identifies the call initiator, not the instrument being used (voice recognition). An unwanted caller will not get through regardless of the phone they're using;

2) Compatible with a range of identification systems, even those still in development;

3) Provides a complete list of authorized callers instead of a partial list of blocked telephones, a "positive" list in that it contains the identities of callers who will be accepted; and,

4) Whether or not a specific caller can get through can be managed according to the time and day the call is received.

While FollowME-ID™ is a brand-new technology and still needs to be rolled out to consumers, it appears to be effective at protecting kids from those whom wish to do them harm. The best feature is that parents are in control of who their kids talk to and when they do so, whether the calls are incoming or outgoing. And that should provide some relief to parents, especially now that school's out and teens have more free time on their hands.

In a world where technologies are constantly evolving, it's important to stay ahead of the curve, especially when child safety is on the line. And thankfully, companies like Angel-Guard are working to improve safety measures for our most vulnerable population.