Chelsea's Law Takes a Road Trip

Earlier this year, Chelsea's Law was enacted in California with wide bi-partisan support across the state. Chelsea's Law, named for 17-year-old Chelsea King who was raped and murdered in San Diego by a convicted sex offender, toughens sex offender laws and restrictions. The law was authored by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher in partnership with the family of Chelsea King.

Now, Chelsea's Light Foundation, the organization behind Chelsea's Law has set its sights on bigger goals. In a letter on Facebook, Kelly and Brent King, parents of Chelsea, outlined their plans for the future. Among those plans:

  • A nationwide expansion of Chelsea's Law. The states currently being considered for the next target are: Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Texas.
  • A Sunflower Scholarship Fund offering students financial assistance with college tuition and extracurricular activities.
  • A peer counseling start-up and support program similar to the program Chelsea was involved in at Poway High School. Also small grants will be provided to existing peer counseling programs doing "innovative" work.
  • An outreach and support program for victims of child predators.
  • A school safety curriculum that focuses on keeping children safe from predators.

Chelsea's Light Foundation will make its decision on its next state to target within the next few weeks, currently an exploration committee consisting of Assemblyman Fletcher, Chelsea's family and a private attorney are reviewing the laws of the four states under consideration.