State registries provide same information free of charge as new iPhone app

Stop Child Predators is committed to the creation of a national, uniform sex offender registry, easily searchable and accessible by the public and law enforcement agencies alike. Until such a registry is created, however, the public has access to individual state registries and we encourage you to visit such registries often.

Popularized during the Summer of 2009, Thin Air Wireless marketed an application that would use your location or any address to locate sex offenders registered nearby. A new and very similar application, The Sex Offender Tracker App, by BeenVerified, lays digital markers over your camera image in what is called "Augmented Reality." This app can be downloaded for $1.99. And although the advertisement, featuring recent Internet sensation Antoine Dodson, ( seems to indicate the app has access to real-time geotagging information of sex-offenders' whereabouts, it actually accesses the same addressing information that is available free of charge on current state registries.

So while we support paying for the convenience of knowing who's lurking nearby, just know you can save yourself a little money by typing in any address into a registry and finding out the same information.