On February 25, 2010, Chelsea King, a vibrant seventeen-year-old girl with a passion for volunteer work, left her home to go for a run. She would never return. Six days after she went missing, Chelsea's body was discovered in a shallow grave. She had been raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender who had violated his parole multiple times. 

How many times do our daughters need to be raped before we put these monsters behind bars forever? I just don’t — I don’t get it. Change has to be made.”
— Kelly King, mother of Chelsea King


In December of this year, SCP President Stacie Rumenap will join Chelsea's father, Brent King, at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) States and Nation Policy Summit in Nashville, TN to present on Chelsea's Law. The law, which was passed in California in 2010, increases penalties, parole provisions, and oversight for first time sex offenders who commit the most heinous crimes against children. It is unclear at this time whether new model legislation will need to be created and passed at the ALEC summit or if amendments to current model legislation will be sufficient. 

SCP is committed to working with the King family to honor Chelsea's memory by advocating for Chelsea's Law and making our country a safer place for children. 

Read the full text of California's Chelsea's Law here: AB 1844 (Chelsea's Law) 

                                                                                                             Chelsea King

                                                                                                             Chelsea King