2018 Florida Legislative Candidate Grades


National Child Safety Advocate Grades Various Florida State Legislative Candidates On Their Support For Child Safety Laws

State Legislative Candidates Graded On Protecting Victim Rights, Regulating Short-Term Rentals & Increasing Online Protections

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – Stop Child Predators, a national child safety advocacy group and nonprofit organization that has spent the last 13 years combating the sexual exploitation of children, as well as representing and protecting victims nationwide, released their grades today for candidates running for state legislative office on their support for child safety laws.  

The ratings are based on responses to the group’s survey asking candidates for their position on topics such as the civil statute of limitations for sexually abusing children, Jessica’s Law and legislation to regulate short-term rentals, which have made tools like sex offender lists obsolete by replacing neighbors with a revolving door of strangers with no way of knowing who is renting the home next door.


Stop Child Predators examined the results of the survey and applied a grade for each candidate based on the answers they provided.  The table below reflects grades assigned to candidates running for office based on their position in supporting existing or new laws to improve protections for children. 

“It is encouraging to see our candidates advocate for legislation to improve the safety of our communities,” said Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators.  “Our top priority must be to protect our precious children and these candidates have clearly made child safety a major legislative priority.”

Rumenap said her group, Stop Child Predators, has been working with government leaders on the local, state and national levels across the country to advocate for common-sense regulations that protect children, schools and communities.

Area candidates not listed declined to answer the survey.