Governor David Ige: Stand Up For Hawaii’s Children, Veto S.B. 1292

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National Child Safety Advocate calls on Governor Ige to veto short-term rental legislation

Stop Child Predators Issues Statement on Hawaii State Senate’s Reconsideration of Short-Term Rental Legislation (SB1292)


HONOLULU – Stop Child Predators, a national child safety advocacy group and nonprofit organization that has spent the last 13 years combating the sexual exploitation of children, as well as representing and protecting victims nationwide, issued the following statement regarding the Hawaii State Senate’s decision to reconsider and pass Senate Bill 1292 to tax short-term rentals. 


This ill-advised legislation will legitimize thousands of illegal rentals in residential communities across the islands of Hawaii and incentivize more residential homes to be converted to short-term rentals by commercial investors – posing a safety risk for neighborhoods and child safety as neighbors are replaced with revolving doors of strangers. 

The last hope for parents and impacted residents now lies with Governor Ige. Either he stands up for parents, children and impacted neighborhoods by vetoing this legislation or he signs it, setting off a permanent downward spiral of impacts to the community fabric and safety of neighborhoods across every Hawaiian island.

I’ve heard horror stories from teary-eyed mothers across the U.S., who feel like prisoners in their own homes, often afraid to let their kids even play in their front yard, because they don’t know if the strangers staying in the Airbnb next to them are bad actors or not.

With a revolving door of strangers coming and going from short-term rental properties fueled by commercial investors, tools like sex offender lists are becoming obsolete as there is no safeguard in place to stop a child predator from renting an Airbnb property next door.

Parents, community leaders, and government officials have a duty to protect the youngest and most vulnerable among us – our children.  Hawaii’s state senate failed parents and children.  Now, we are counting on Governor Ige to protect them by vetoing this bill.

Governor Ige: We urge you to VETO this legislation and put our children’s safety first.  We don’t support a ban on short-term rentals, but our neighborhoods and especially our children desperately need your leadership to enact protections that safeguard our communities from the negative impacts of short-term rentals.

The statements are attributable to Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators