Stop Child Predators (SCP) has an aggressive legislative advocacy program. In addition to crafting model legislation, SCP organizes policy experts, law enforcement officers, community leaders, and parents to launch state-by-state campaigns to educate lawmakers on policy changes to monitor child predators and enact more effective policies to protect our nation's children.

In recent years, SCP has crafted and advocated for three pieces of model legislation: Jessica's LawPursue and Control Online Child Predators, and Child Protection Reporting Requirement Act



Jessica's Law

This Act increases penalties for sexual offenses committed against children, and provides for mandatory sentences for certain of these offenses. Further, the Act strengthens the reporting requirements for adjudicated sexual offenders.


Pursue and Control Online Child Predators

This act seeks to increase and expand protections for children from online predators through a variety of aggressive new provisions.


Child Protection Reporting Requirement Act

This Act requires that an individual representing the state or working for the state, in a position of authority over minors, who witnesses the physical or sexual abuse of a minor [as defined by the state] submits an oral or written report about the incident to local child protective services agency or the appropriate law enforcement agency, providing exceptions.