Safety Issues with Short-Term Rentals

Real estate prospectors, exploiting short-term rental sites like Airbnb, are turning communities into neighborhoods of strangers to the point where tools like sex offender lists are becoming obsolete as there is no safeguard in place to stop a child predator from renting a short-term rental property next door.
— Stacie Rumenap, SCP President


Stop Child Predators has decided to engage in the debate around regulating short-term rentals to ensure neighborhood safety and protect children. In an ever changing world, new technologies and innovations are helping cure diseases and making our lives easier, on that same note they also have unintended consequences that can harm those most dear to us– our children.

With the advent of new “disruptive” technologies like Airbnb that make it much easier to rent apartments and homes, it also makes it easier for predators to circumvent old safeguards and make your children less safe. These home sharing sites which have no real regulations imposed on them are turning residential homes into a revolving door of strangers in neighborhoods across the country.

Airbnb does little to combat the atrocities of Airbnb operators, including the usage of illegal hidden cameras, another way that criminals can monitor and record us and our children, without our consent. A recent USA Today article revealed the horrific items uncovered in Airbnb’s, including porn shoots, grow rooms, trashed homes, stolen items, and the aforementioned, hidden cameras.

These hidden cameras are especially troubling to us. They were found not only in common spaces, but in the bedrooms and bathrooms of Airbnb units. No one should be videoed without their consent, especially not in the bedroom and bathroom, areas where children may be extremely vulnerable, thus posing a threat not only to our children, but the children of those staying in these illegally ran Airbnb hotels.

While we believe that individuals and families should have the ability to rent out their single units or homes, allowing true home sharing to occur, this process is being taken advantage of with lax oversight on renters and Airbnb hosts making our neighborhoods and children less safe. 

Please join us in pushing for Short-Term Rental legislation and help to protect our neighborhoods and children.