Protect Boston's Kids!

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Protect Boston From Commercial Short-Term Rentals

Boston is known as a city that stands together. Why, then, are we allowing commercial short-term rental hosts to grab hold of our city – increasing housing costs and making our streets less safe for children?

The safety of Boston’s kids depends on Mayor Walsh strengthening the current short-term rentals ordinance, to restrict the predatory practices of commercial hosts that are replacing our neighbors with revolving doors of strangers in our communities. We need smart, new rules that will allow everyday short-term rental hosts to augment their income, while preventing commercial real estate companies from buying up the city’s affordable housing.

Our city’s rich history and popular vacation destinations have made it a target for out-of-town, short-term rental investors that seek to make a profit at the expense of Boston’s families. We no longer know our neighbors, the cost of living is skyrocketing and the fabric of our communities is being torn apart.

The time to act is now.

Mayor Walsh must protect our city’s communities by strengthening his pending short-term rental ordinance to remove commercial investors – closing the revolving door of strangers that threaten our community.

Boston is counting on these badly-needed rules that are just common sense for our city. With a stronger ordinance that includes measures to remove commercial investors, we can make Boston’s neighborhoods stronger, safer and better for all our residents and visitors.