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protect l.a. communities: stop dangerous illegal hotels

Los Angeles is a beautiful city filled with vibrant communities and great neighbors. Now, we’re seeing commercial operators using short-term rental sites, like Airbnb, to exploit zoning loopholes in our neighborhoods. The safety of L.A. children depends on your support in combatting this trend by voting for regulations that prevent commercial operators and their illegal hotels from destroying our city.

These commercial operators are a threat to our safety: they buy up homes and convert them into illegal hotels, tearing at the fabric of the areas we live in, work in, and raise our kids in. Instead of neighbors, our communities are now hosts to a revolving door of strangers and transients. As these strangers flow in, parents have no idea who is renting the home next door, as tools like sex offender lists are rendered obsolete by unregulated short-term rentals. 

The City Council, especially the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, has the chance to protect our communities and kids by supporting legislation that would stop the illegal hotel conversions that are hurting our community. This legislation is critical to protecting our neighborhoods and families. 

It is absolutely vital that you and your colleagues, specifically PLUM Committee members, stand up for Los Angeles residents and vote for short-term rental legislation that helps regulate commercial operators who are exploiting home-sharing sites like Airbnb. 

Please support STRONG short-term rental legislation to crack down on illegal hotels.

Children, parents, and communities are counting on you to support new rules that protect our community!