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The Problem:

Every generation of parents have faced multiple, changing challenges in raising their families but the latest challenge may not be immediately obvious. The influx of short-term rentals into neighborhoods can leave communities with a revolving door of strangers coming and going from short-term rental properties. Thus, tools like sex offender lists become obsolete as there is no safeguard in place to stop a child predator from renting a property next door. 

Commercial landlords are increasingly using short-term rental sites like Airbnb to rent out multiple residential properties year-round, just like a hotel, while avoiding safeguards designed to protect patrons and the surrounding community. 

The growth of these short-term rentals has become a significant concern among parents and law enforcement agencies.  

The Solution: 

Because of the negative impacts on communities, many local jurisdictions have enacted short-term safeguards to protect residents, children, and the community fabric that make up neighborhoods. 

SCP is calling on community leaders to better protect the youngest and most innocent among us – our children.