It is becoming all too common, almost routine: Day after day the news media reports another tragic story of a young child's abduction, abuse and murder. Each and every grisly discovery of unspeakable acts committed against the most vulnerable among us fills us with outrage, disbelief, and a desire to do more. These heinous crimes deserve the highest priority on our national agenda. We need to act now to save another child from becoming a victim.

Stop Child Predators has launched a federal and state-by-state campaign to educate and inform the public about concrete policy changes that will enhance public safety by protecting America's children from sexual predators.

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"Jessie's Dad" is an award-winning documentary that follows Mark Lunsford's evolution from victim to child advocate.

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Stop Child Predators is dedicated to bringing about real change by pursuing three goals:

  • Establishing penalty enhancements for those found guilty of committing sexual offenses against children
  • Creating an integrated nationwide sex offender registry
  • Protecting the rights of crime victims

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